Is it possible to eradicate disease?

After spending almost two years in confinement, mankind realized how fragile the human body can be and how a microscopic virus can alter everything. However, science already has a solution. The same technology used in DNA testing while pregnant has made it possible to detect weak patterns in the human DNA strand. Researchers are now able to develop a more robust molecular structure. It basically involves taking a person’s DNA and strengthening it when they have children. When people buy DNA home test kits, they send their DNA to a laboratory that analyzes it and generates results. Researchers’ goal is to have a record of every cellular structure that makes up DNA and create a database that allows them to rule out genes known to generate diseases or be weak to viruses.

What has been done so far?

A couple can decide if they want their child to be blond-haired, blue-eyed with high cognitive ability. How is this possible? Thanks to “preimplantation genetic diagnosis” or PGD. It is a technique that consists of taking DNA from the parents, modifying it, and then generating an embryo. PGD has already been used successfully in pregnancies in which the parents’ genes have a high probability of generating babies with degenerative diseases. Experts assure that in the future, couples will be able to father babies without fear that they will be born with some disability. In addition, they will be human beings endowed with superior physical and cognitive abilities, which will open the doors to a more evolved society. Once science develops this technique to the maximum, diseases could be eradicated from one generation to the next.

Not everything is so easy

While it is true that the resources of science are limited, the biggest problem that this technology has to face is the criticism of people who think that it is just “people playing God”. In addition to this, conspiracy theories say that this type of technology could be used to control people, implant chips in their brains, or worse. It has already happened in some countries with the implementation of 5G technology. While it is true that humanity has the potential to evolve, many elements must coincide for such evolution to occur. For example, more developed countries tend to achieve this evolution faster because their inhabitants tend to be more educated. Once the moral aspect has been overcome, society can reach its full potential. Each person must ask themselves if they are willing to take the step towards disease-free humanity.

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