4 Methods of Using Cookie-Free Domains

The internet is a revolutionary space that has backed a lot of technologies and their development. Cookies are one such tool. They provide an improved web surfing experience for users everywhere. 

But with rising concerns like breaches of privacy and lack of security, users find cookies to be more of a hindrance. That is because they are stored files by the user’s device that track the user’s preferences when they open a certain website. The website memorizes those preferences for your next visit so that navigation becomes easier for you. 

For an enriching internet experience, would we want to let our security go? No! This is when cookie-free domains come into play. With an increase in domain hosting services around the world, it has become exceedingly easy to buy an NZ domain for your website. 

A cookie-free domain will bring a lot of benefits to your website!

So, what are the different methods to use or integrate cookie-free domains? Let us learn!

4 Methods To Use Cookies-Free Domains

  • A Separate Domain

How do we do this? One, when you buy a domain name in NZ, you can separately register another domain with no cookies. 

Two, you can go for this method of creating a separate subdomain for your website, which will help you go cookie-free for sure. The subdomain is required for static resources like images and CSS. 

If your domain name in NZ is “yourdomainname.com”, you need to add ‘static’ as a prefix to it. Something like this: static.yourdomainname.com. If not, just register a new domain for yourself and go cookie-free. 

  • Content Delivery Network

Content Delivery Networks help you to distribute or deliver the content from the server to the user, anywhere in the world. This increases the performance by reducing the network traffic and load on the website. 

You can implement a cookie-free domain through CDNs by configuring the setting to serve the static part of your domain. This also requires you to update your website’s HTML and CSS files to the new CDN source.

  • Reconfiguration of WordPress Website

Choosing to go cookie-free can be very easy on a content management system. You need to reconfigure your CMS – WordPress website, to make your website cookie-free. This will require you to modify the core files or use a plugin like we have mentioned below!

  • WordPress Plugins

Another simple way of implementing a cookie-free domain. You will not have to modify your core files when you use a WordPress plugin. You just have to install and activate the plugin, and you are done!


We can end this blog by saying that implementing cookie-free domains is paramount today. Not just because they provide privacy and security to users but because they offer good advantages to the marketers. 

Follow the abovementioned methods to get the best results out of your cookie-free domain name in NZ!.

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